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What types of equipments are required for beekeeping?





There are many benefits of beekeeping and that is why many people opt for beekeeping. Beekeeping is a very low maintenance job that only requires about 30 minutes on average. To start beekeeping, you are easily able to do so in the backyard of your house and you only require some beekeeping equipment for maintaining the beehive. If you are someone who wants to know about the equipments that are required for beekeeping, then you have come to the right place to look for the relevant information. This article will take a look at the types of equipment required for beekeeping.


What types of equipment are required for beekeeping?


This section will take a look at the types of equipment for beekeeping and these are listed below:


  • Hive tool is one of the most important tools for anyone who wants to do beekeeping. Bee contains resin type propolis that is used as a glue to stick everything in their hive. The function of a hive tool is that it allows detaching the comb from the sides of the beehives and will also allow to scrape and cut the propolis and to pry the beehive frames as well.

  • Smoker is another important tool that is used for beekeeping. Bees can get aggressive for various reasons and to cool down the aggressive bees, a smoker proves to be an invaluable tool for the bee keepers. When a smoker is used, the bees tend to think that there is a wildfire nearby. When they think as such, they consume more honey from the stored honey in the hive, which can effectively cool them down in no time.

  • An important piece of equipment that is a must for the bee keeper is protective jacket with a hat veil. You will see that bees mostly attack the intruders. The bees have got CO2 receptors on their antennae. This presence of the CO2 allows the bees to detect the mammalian exhalation and this leads them to behave in a very aggressive manner. The sting proof beekeeping suit helps to protect the person from the pursuing aggressive bees. If someone is nervous near the beehive that makes them breathe heavily, the bees can detect this and get aggressive and sting the person. Getting aggressive is one of the behaviors that help the bees to protect their bee hive.

  • One should also use gloves, which is equipment for the beekeeper. Those beekeepers, whose hand shake and fumble when working with the beehive can lead to the bee stings due to the reason that is mentioned in the above paragraph. Gloves help to protect the beekeeper’s hands.

  • Bee brush is equipment and it is used for removing the bees carefully from the comb. It is used for harvesting of honey, repairing any comb or removing swarm. But you will need to use this equipment sparingly as bees get aggressive when bee brush is used, causing stings to the beekeeper’ hands.




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