The Blessed Bee Encyclopedia

Over the years we have collected a temendous amount of information in some way related to honeybees, hive products, and the things we do with them. We have made a lot of it available here for your interest and enjoyment.



Everything about honey … health benefits, how to cook with honey, honey recipes, and lots more…


Beeswax is best known for the excellent candles made from it, but can be used for many other things as well…

Honeybee plants

Our land is home to dozens of plants visited by our bees. Here we have collected photographs and information about more than 50 of them.


Honeybees are perhaps the most highly evolved insects on earth. Find out about different kinds of bees, how they live, and more…


Mead is a type of wine, sometimes sweet and sometimes not, made from honey. It is also believed to be mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Find out how to make your own mead at home…

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