Ottawa Valley honeybee plants

We take a great interest in watching and photographing our bees as they gather pollen and nectar from different plants throughout the year. In this section of our web site you will find photographs and descriptions of more than 60 different wildflowers and other plants that our honeybees can be found on.

At any given time the bees will generally be collecting pollen and/or nectar from one or two species of plant. They select those that are is producing the most of what they are looking for, are available in large numbers, are close, and thus require shorter trips out and back to the hive, etc.

The plants that the bees are working can change several times in a day, as those with the most abundant nectar in the morning may be dried up by lunch time, and the bees will start harvesting from something else.  They are awfully clever, those bees!

Our area includes other flowers that we have not yet identified – we’ll add them to the list as we figure out what they are!  As well, we are located near The Herb Garden, and our bees are certain to be collecting some pollen and nectar from some of the organically grown herbs they find there.

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